Wednesday, March 30, 2011

feeling hot hot hot... and not in a good way...

Sickness. I hate sickness. O has been sick for a couple of days now, and I'm sick too. O being sick means two things... She wakes up all the time at night and she doesn't eat. Those things together means I'm up at all hours during the night and my boobs leak milk all the time. It sucks.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Back again, typing on the iPad with O sleeping in my arms. I'm hoping W won't notice me doing this and demand to have the iPad to play games.

So O was born one rainy November Friday, my contractions started in the morning and I started timing them at 10 am. At 11 I woke J up and let him know I was having regular contractions and that we wold probably have to go to the hospital soon. He had a shower and I called the hospital to ask about when to go in. My contractions were about 5 minutes apart. They told me to come in right away since it was my second baby. We took a taxi to the airport, leaving my mom behind to pick W up from daycare and care for him until we got back. At the hospital we found out my doctor Dr Brown was the attending doctor. He checked me and I was 4 cm open and he decided that was enough for me to stay. I got a room and we made ourselves comfortable. My contractions were not very painful and they were coming in a bit sporadically. After about 3,5 hours a resident came in and broke my water, I was 5 cm open and 80% effaced. The contractions were still not very painful but once my water was broken they started coming in hard and fast, they got very painful very fast and after about an hour I had resorted to crying in a fetal position and wanted the epidural so bad. The nurse ordered if for me and while we were waiting for the anaesthesiologist I told them I had to go number two. That raised a red flag with the nurse and she decided I had to be checked because that was probably my baby I was feeling. She forced me down on my back and had a look and discovered that she could already see O's head. No time for the epidural the anaesthesiologist was sent away when he showed up and a frantic search for Dr Brown started. Our room was flooded by residents, interns, nurses and Dr Brown. And after pushing for about two minutes she was out.
She was born on November fifth at five, twenty-seven pm. 50 cm and 3940g ( 20 inches and 8,11 lbs) and she was (is) perfect. The nurses were astonished over her pinkness , she didn't have a sign of jaundice and she was happy and sweet from the get go. We stayed at the hospital for 24 hours before going home to a sick W.
My mom and my M-I-L came up with W an hour after she was born to see her and W brought a book for her (The Mommy Book) and O had a gift for him (Jet Ray Lego).

Once home we had a sick W and a tiny baby but with some help from my mom we managed fine. W is a lovely big brother and even though he's not that interested in babies he wants to keep her and he watches over her and makes sure she's alright and he tries to make her laugh.

That's all I have tine for now, I have to go read a bed time story to W and sing him a song.

More later.

4,5 months later

Last I wrote here was in September when I was sick and pregnant. Then I don't know what happened. I lost interest in writing.

So to recap. O is here, she came out on Guy Fawkes day, remember remember the fifth of November. 5 days late and I swear I spent those five days doing star jumps and drinking raspberry leaf tea. When she did come she came out fast though. Too fast for the epidural, but more on that later.

She's now 4,5 months and lovely.

Now I have to feed the bigger monster and myself before the baths... I'll try to remember to post again later today.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sick and confused.

It sucks being sick when you're pregnant. For many reasons.
1 you're already pregnant and feel like a huge, waddling something with back pain and swift kicks in the ribs.
2 you're not allowed any medicine that actually helps.
3 you couldn't sleep before and now it's absolutely impossible to get any...
4 your three year old keeps insisting on you playing with him even though you can't stand up without fainting.
and so on.

On top of all this I am confused. I just booked W's first dentist appointment on a day we can't go and I'm too sick and tired to call and change it.

sucks all around.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

32 weeks

so this whole thing about posting weekly to give my unborn child some kind of a resemblance of a pregnancy journal is a complete fail!
I have not at all felt like blogging, it's been too warm and I've been too tired and too busy. But I thought I'd post some photos this week so you'll see what I look like when I'm huge and tired. =)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 27

We're back.
Sweden was lovely but warm and busy. I managed to get my morning sickness back which I did not appreciate and my child now speaks Swedish. We had a great trip.
Since coming back I've dealt with horrid jet lag and humid weather. These past two days have been amazing though warm but not too warm and beautiful.
The belly is growing and baby is moving around a lot. Going to the doctor next week for a check up and a glucose test so I'll have a better idea of what's going on then. Been having some cramps on one side of the belly that I'm a bit worried about but apart from that it's all good. I'm 26 weeks and 1 day today which means it's time to start looking for a dress for weddings. I have two coming up in 9 and 10 weeks.
Now I shall go enjoy the quiet time while W sleeps.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


In the morning he woke us up early as usual but this time I didn't try to make him go back to sleep. I made a small breakfast plate for him and got his wrapped gifts. I lit the candle on the little cupcake that he brought home from daycare the day before. We sang to him and watched him as he excitedly opened his gifts and marvelled at finally getting the things he'd talked about for weeks.

Outside it was still drizzling slightly which was not good for our plans to go to the zoo. We hung around at home for a couple of hours having breakfast and watching Curious George before making our minds up to go to the zoo anyways rain or shine.
At the zoo the sky was blue and the sun shining. He was so excited shouting "We're going to the zoo yaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeyyyy," the whole way there. We saw rhinos, elephants, hippos, zebras, tigers, lions and lots of other animals,

We ate ice-cream and went on rides and at the end of the day we cooled of at the pool in the water park. We had a fantastic day.

I can't believe my boy is three already and that this was his last birthday as an only child. Next summer at the zoo we'll have his little sister (probably) with us and we'll be a family of four.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finally pictures

I have finally managed to get some photos up here! These were all taken yesterday when we went downtown to get my iPad and stopped by the new fountain at Place des Arts to play.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Halfway done

Today I'm halfway done, I'm 20 weeks pregnant!
I'm also the proud owner of an iPad!
It's crazy to think that I've done half the work and in 4,5 months I'll see my new baby.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

week 20??

So I believe I'm still 19 weeks pregnant... 19+3 I think... but I get confused.
It's very different being pregnant the second time around, I just don't have time for all the thinking about what the baby looks like now and what she's growing this week. Maybe with school out of the way I will find time for that again, but it just doesn't feel as important to know day by day what's happening. It's probably because I've been through it before and in all honesty it's not much I can do (except for eating right and stuff) that will change anything.
This week I've gone into full on planning mode. I'm planning W's birthday and his party and I'm planning the packing. We finally got our tickets to visit Sweden and we're leaving in less than 2 weeks and we'll be gone for three weeks. I bought a new suitcase for W today because the bags we have are too big and with the weight restrictions on the plane it's pointless bringing a huge bag that's only half full. With this new bag we have two good sized bags. I also picked up his birthday present from my grandparents. I won't tell you what it is but it will come in handy for the traveling.
Tomorrow it's W's three year check up at the paediatrician so we'll see how he's growing and developing. That's always interesting.
I honestly have nothing more to say.